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I want change. Now what?

This Activist Handbook enables you to stand up for your rights. This is not a finished product. It grows and becomes more valuable as activists such as yourself share their knowledge and experiences. The more people contribute, the better the content becomes adapted to local contexts.

Find the right information

The Handbook is structured in nine chapters. Below, the content of each is explained.

  1. Getting started: You are currently reading this chapter. It should help you to find your way on this site. If you are new to activism, this is the page to start.
  2. Organisational structure: The second chapter discusses the value of setting up a proper organisational structure in order to achieve your goal.
  3. Wellbeing: To prevent burnouts, the third chapter describes how to safeguard your wellbeing and that of fellow activists.
  4. External communication: The fourth chapter helps you and your movement to communicate a clear message to your desired audience.
  5. Growing and engagement: The fifth chapter gives information on how to grow your movement. It will be explained how to increase the number of engaged members, without losing focus. It will also describe how to engage people with your movement, and how to keep them engaged for a longer time.
  6. Tactics: The sixth chapter describes the various tactics of action that your organisation could use.
  7. List of activist organisations: The seventh chapter contains a contact list of relevant activist organisations and news media.
  8. Resources: The final, eighth, chapter refers to various resources about activism.

New with activism

Social change happens only when there are people who are brave enough to challenge the status quo. Given that you are visiting this website, you are likely one of them. Be proud of that!

This Handbook will help you to stand up for your rights. Activism is not an individual act. Collective voices sound louder. We, fellow activists, are here for you.

You can either join existing activist groups that advocate your cause, or start your own. If there is an activist group that you like, contact them and attend one of their events. Many have their own website where you can subscribe to their newsletter.

Getting Started with a Campaign

See Chapter 1 of the Youth Activist Toolkit produced by Advocates for Youth. This will help you to: 1) Understand the value of organizing 2) Help you identify the change you want 3) Help you identify the way to make that change 4) Help you identify the demands to make.

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By activists, for activists: This is a collaborative project of activists. Your experience and knowledge could help millions of fellow activists. Anyone can edit. You just need to log in. All that is required is a username and password, providing an email is not necessary. On every page there is an edit button.

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Become a partner organisation: Does your activist organisation publish manuals for your members? Consider publishing your manuals on this site. By sharing your knowledge base here, you will enable activists from all around the world to stand up for their rights.

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